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Brass brothers in book form

The Brazz Brothers
When "girlfriends" are going to write a book about their husbands, we could fear the worst of either nosy admiration or ridiculous extradition.


The Brazz Brothers is a phenomenon in Norwegian music life. Five brass players who have kept it going for almost 25 years. They have traveled around Norway, had a number of tours in Europe since 1991, five tours in Africa, five in Asia and four in North America – and played with thousands of Norwegian corps musicians. Now the girlfriends have written a book about them.

There is something special about Sula, this island in a whiff of the world's oceans, rotten mackerel, seaweed and valve oil – as it says in the book. Inhabited by windswept people who have had three main tasks: "make home-brewed beer, make kids and play horn music". Sole names such as Molvær, Tafjord, Førde and Nymark have made a good mark in Norwegian music life – we can also add Annbjørg Lien and Olga Marie Mikalsen.

In Langevåg it was in 1969. . .

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