The middle class without funds

Henning Melber (ed.): The Rise of Africa's Middle Class. Myths, Realities and Critical Engagements Zed Books. UK

Myths, Realities and Critical Engagements the subtitle of this book is edited by the Swedish sociologist, political scientist and African scientist Henning Melber. And that's what this book is about. All of the book's ten chapters are critical to the mantra of the last decade that Africa's middle class is growing rapidly and vigorously. This myth started with the fact that the African development bank in 2011 defined the middle class in Africa to include everyone who spent between two and ten dollars a day, which resulted in 300 millions of Africans, almost a third of the continent's inhabitants, belonging to the middle class. It was then already a fact that African economies grew sharply in the 2000 century; when the middle class also increased, it implicitly showed that wealth benefited more.

Unevenly distributed. The Rise of Africa's Middle Class is a very solid academic work where all the authors are critical – in some cases very critical – of this understanding of the middle class in Africa. Few of the authors agree that a middle class definition is based solely on income. . .

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