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Military exercises do not make peace

The upgrading of the Nordic countries as a military player to be expected is in full swing – thus driving the tension between the countries.

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

NATO has long had a policy of fighting for its imperialist interests far beyond the NATO area. The out-of-area strategy, a recent NATO doctrine of operating outside its geographical area, came into practical use for the first time in the Kosovo war in 1999, and since then this strategy has been NATO's main line. The wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya are typical judgments of this policy: Everyone has our pure aggression wars and has nothing to defend Norway to do. Yet it is this type of activity that is now the beacon of Norway's military doctrine. This and more is the "new NATO" role in the world arena.

Two shocking and strong examples of Norway's participation in NATO's out-of-area strategy are the attacks on Serbia in 1999 and not least on Libya in 2011. From the UN resolution on a no-fly zone in northern Libya to full action and regime change tactics the road was short. . .

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Ivar Jørdre
Jørdre is a board member of the Anti-War Initiative. He is also a team leader in Raudt Bergen West.

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