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The military – an environmental pollution

Military activity threatens to end our entire existence.

The military system is low energy-efficient, polluting and carbon-intensive, and security policy is the black hole of democracy. Although the Defense Research Institute is now presenting the sector's environmental and climate accounts annually and there are certain improvements to be tracked, the dates are still not satisfactory. Neither foreign military activity in Norway nor Norwegian climate and environmental imprints are included in the accounts.

Oil for F-35. Recently, the Long-Term Plan for the Armed Forces and the so-called Car Package dominated the Norwegian political debate without any effort being made to see the two in context. It was discussed whether the Norwegian defense should primarily be land-based or be linked even more closely to NATO's out-of-country strategy. Various proposals were discussed to reduce CO2 emissions by driving electric cars, reducing the number of flights and. . .

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Ingeborg Breines
Breines is an adviser, former President of the International PEACE Bureau and former UNESCO Director.
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