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Miners on wild roads

ENDURING FREEDOM: Norwegian miners in Afghanistan have not just cleared mines. They also deliberately failed to clear mines to protect US soldiers.


When the Defense Miners were in Bagram under American command, they deliberately left mines behind.

- It often happened that we heard bangs from mines that went off at night. Then we just turned over on the other side and slept on, a Norwegian deminer told Ny Tid's journalist last year.

He was in one of the first two contingents of miners from the Norwegian defense, who in 2002 traveled to Afghanistan, as part of Enduring Freedom, in the US-led war against


Today, the deminer will be anonymous, like most deminers we have talked to. They are proud of the work they have done, support the Armed Forces' foreign service and are afraid to confirm what Ny Tid today can reveal: That Norwegian deminers at the Bagram camp in Afghanistan have not only cleared mines, but also left mines to protect American soldiers against Afghans.

This confirms their US commander and commander-in-chief Colonel Chris Lozano

from US Marines:

- The Norwegian deminers' assistance to force protection was a great help in preventing terrorists from entering the camp. The Norwegians were not only involved in removing landmines, but also in the decisions about which mines should be left to protect the borders around the base, Lozano tells Ny Tid.

In addition, Lozano states that the Norwegians were set to patrol the camp's external borders, and that their thorough reconnaissance helped the Americans find weaknesses in their own defense.

Operation Enduring Freedom

I walked around the lobster and stopped abruptly. At my feet was no boundary marker,. . .

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