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Is the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority misinforming?

Lars Klæboe
Senior Adviser, Directorate for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety (DSA)
DEBATE: Are we misinforming the public?

In a column in New Time June 18nd Ingrid Wreden Kåss claims that the Directorate for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety (DSA) incorrectly informs the public about the dangers of radiation from wireless technology.

DSA relates to updated knowledge from WHO, EU expert groups and other reputable institutions, all of which conclude that radiation from wireless communications has not been shown to lead to health damage, as long as it is below the limit values.

In addition to accusing LD for misinformation, we are also criticized for not offering help to those who think they are getting sick from the radiation. Here there is a need for role clarification. The DSA recognizes that people have ailments, but it is the health service that is the addressee if you are ill or have ailments, no matter what you think is the cause of the ailments.

DSA has a management responsibility, which in addition to informing about the status of knowledge, also means ensuring that the radiation in society is justifiable. Diagnosis and treatment are not DSA's responsibility.

Furthermore, it is desired to give the impression that we in Norway allow much more radiation in our surroundings than others, by mentioning some countries that have lower limit values ​​than us. The radiation in the surroundings in Norway is per mille of the limit value, similar to that in any country in Europe, also the countries that Wreden Kåss wants to give the impression that have less radiation in their surroundings than Norway.

It is pointed out that some organizations warn of health damage, and DSA is criticized for not taking the warnings. . .

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