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"My country's racist construction and actions"

RACISM: � / "My goal is for them not to be able to say they did not know," Gideon Levy told MODERN TIMES. This year he has been with the Denisraeli newspaper Haaretz for 40 years

"You must be Israel's bravest man," I said as I dropped Gideon Levy off at the Hotel Continental at the National Theater during a visit to Oslo. For decades, the Israeli journalist has written a weekly column on Palestinian life in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza. I think I have read them all as one – and been informed.

As a Jew in the middle of Tel Aviv, Levy dares to write what you do not find in safe Norway, in Vårt Land or Aftenposten. He has hammered down inconveniences week by week, article by article to a people who seem uninterested in what is going on just miles away, in the West Bank or in Gaza. Levy replied with a shrug: "Brave? No, no one reads what I write. I'm going under the radar. "

The laws. . .

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