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More than a human being

Becoming Animal
Regissør: Peter Mettler Emma Davie

Documentary of the Month: Peter Mettler's new feature film, Becoming Animal also has a philosophical depth, where it allows Canadian eco-philosopher Davis Abram to play an important role.

Modern Times Review met Canadian director Peter Mettler, who is known for his intuitive and experimental way of making films, for a conversation about his directing practice as a continuation of his previous films: “This film was not really my idea. It was actually the Scottish film director Emma Davie who suggested it. She found the philosopher [David Abram] and chose me to direct the film with her. "

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Peter Mettler

Davie and Mettler have collaborated on making films for a long time: “Many of my partners, producers and good friends are women. Emma was also an actor in my movie Tectonic Plates (1992), in which she played a psychiatrist. She came from the theater, and continued with documentaries. She was very impressed. . .

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