Morgenbladet 1933/1973


The instincts of the free man

"When Hitler in his youth was driven away from his work because he was not organized, and did not want to be, he understood that Marxism had no use for free men. It just wanted slaves. And when, after the fall of the empire, he saw that this movement spread and took power in Germany, then all the free man's instincts awoke in him, and he promised himself to fight this movement to the utmost. He has also done that".

Sigurd Konstad, foreign affairs manager at Morgenbladet, 1933

A safety valve

"It went as it should in Chile. President Allende's uncompromising determination to carry out his program against the Congress's equally determined decision to oppose Marxism was bound to lead to an increasingly malignant confrontation. Chile descended into chaos. The last social reserve, the army, saw itself forced to intervene in the last resort.

It is reasonable to believe that most Chileans welcome the army coup. Now they may once again be able to buy a loaf of bread without queuing for miles, start the truck engine and end the many strikes.

The army must almost be perceived as a constitutional element, a safety valve. In the Latin American context, it therefore usually has a democratic function. The alternative to the coup was undoubtedly chaos and civil war. And it is hardly more democratic.

Frank Bjerkholt, foreign affairs manager in Morgenbladet 13.9.1973/XNUMX/XNUMX

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