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Meets resistance

Turkish authorities are proving by keeping secret plans for nuclear power plants.


By Egil Guthormsen post@nytid.no

[energy policy] Residents of Turkey's northernmost city of Sinop are feeling a growing unrest after the authorities have decided to start building a nuclear power plant within the municipal boundaries. As Turkey enters the nuclear age, the Black Sea city is out first. Later, the cities of Konya and Mersin will also get their nuclear facilities.

Nuclear power plans surprise and provoke many Turks today, though they will create

jobs. The Chernobyl accident in neighboring Ukraine in April 1986 is still deep in people's consciousness.

power Crisis

According to the Turkish Ministry of Energy, Turkey is facing a formidable increase in energy consumption and therefore needs a solid energy consumption.

access. Gas deliveries from Russia and Iran are uncertain, and oil and gas price increases have led to skyrocketing electricity prices. Nuclear power sails up as the government's alternative.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has therefore presented a plan to build. . .

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