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Must lower expectations

Director of the UDI, Frode Forfang, says that one cannot see the difference between privately run or ideally run asylum reception centers.

There has been a lot of focus on shortcomings and a low number of employees at Norwegian asylum centers lately. We have a chat with UDI Director Frode Forfang.
Does the UDI have any extra follow-up, in addition to the normal control routines, to ensure that errors and understaffing are not continued now that the increase is so great?
“When it comes to defective standards, the situation is such that the requirements will not be met. I would like to orientate everyone who has expectations of housing standards or highly qualified staff at the reception centers. These expectations must be lowered considerably. Our priority now is to give everyone a head over food and food. In the longer term, this is something we can look at, but as long as the numbers are rising, this requirement is not possible to fulfill, ”says Forfang.
What do you think of private actors versus organizations such as Norwegian People's Aid when it comes to operating asylum centers?
"When it comes to reception establishment, there are the rules for public procurement. . .

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Carima Tirillsdottir Heinesen
Former journalist for MODERN TIMES.

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