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Myanmar's long road to peace

Myanmar's historic parliamentary elections do not necessarily lead to peace in the country, after more than half a century of conflict with the country's many minority groups.

Screen Shot at 2015 11-11-11.05.56"Today is a historic and important day for Myanmar. The road to future peace is now open. " With such big words, Myanmar President Thein Sein recently began his speech in the capital Nay Pyi Taw in the presence of hundreds of government members, politicians, ethnic representatives and diplomats from more than 45 countries. "There is no way back," he stated. The president did not refer to the country's crucial parliamentary elections held on November 8, which have otherwise had the attention of the outside world, but instead to the peace process he has initiated with the country's armed ethnic groups. The signing of a joint ceasefire agreement with eight of the armed groups in October is the preliminary culmination. . .

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