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Neighborhood in the North

Trine Eklund writes about experiences from her peace and dialogue journey in Russia. Why does the West draw an enemy image and impose sanctions on the country, she asks. She thinks we have no reason to fear our Russian neighbor.

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

When you visit Russia – and experience beautiful, modern Moscow and St. Petersburg, and other Russian villages and towns – one is struck by how similar we are as human beings: we have the same needs, dreams and desires for the future, and worry about the same societal challenges related to education, health and environmental and traffic problems. So why this eagerness to demonize and create fear for Russia? What has the country done to deserve this enemy image?

That Russians generally fear us is more understandable. The West has repeatedly invaded the country, with catastrophic consequences for both the occupiers and the occupier (such as Napoleon in 1812 and ...

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Trine Eklund
Eklund is active in Bestmothers for Peace. 

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