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Egypt: Nakedness of Women

There is a striking similarity between the hijab and make up.


El-Saadawi is an Egyptian feminist writer, activist and physician.

We are born naked, but we cover our bodies with clothes to shield it from harsh weather. This is natural and necessary for our health. In very hot climates in Africa men and women go around naked. Naked men do not sexually assault naked women, since everyone is natural and equal in nakedness.

I visited a beach in Barcelona where men and women are completely naked. At first I was shocked and tried to keep my eyes away from looking at them, I couldn't take off my swimming suit. But after some time nakedness appeared natural since nobody looked at anybody, so I swam naked and enjoyed the sun on my whole body.

Naturally clothes have no moral or religious function. In the desert in Algeria and other countries people wear a veil on their faces to protect themselves from sand storms, here the veil is used for health reasons and is natural.

The religious veil is unnatural, it is forced on women only, under the name of God`s order. Since the slave system the patriarchal class religions considered women inferior to women. This is very clear in the three monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Patriarchy is based on knowing the name of the father, a woman should have one husband only but men can have multiple sexual relations, this double morality is the basis of women's oppression including veiling, segregation, virginity, honor killing and female genital mutilation or cutting the clitoris to diminish or abolish the sexual desire of women.


We live in the postmodern slave era. The class patriarchal double standards still dominate our capitalist military colonial world. Power dominates and not justice. The name of the father is superior to the name of the mother. Men have higher status than women in the family in society, in churches, mosques and all religious institutions.

The free capitalist market is not free; it is dominated by power and profit. It uses women as sex objects to sell goods and increase profits.

Naked women bodies are used in the commercial capitalist market to gain more money, postmodern women can be religious and naked at the same time. They can have plastic surgery or cover their faces with make-up powders to hide their wrinkles or appear younger and sexually attractive to men. I call the make up A Post Modern Veil, since it hides the real face of the woman.

Women are deceived, they believe that they choose the veil by their own free will (religious veil or make up), they are un aware of social, political, religious or so called spiritual pressures. Spirituality replaced religion in the minds of postmodern women.

Nakedness and veiling of women are two faces of the same coin, it means that the woman is just a body, to be covered under religious slogans or to be naked in the free capitalist post modern market.

Some young Muslim post modern women cover their heads to satisfy religious authorities and uncover their bellies under American jeans to be fashionable and fit in the market, I saw some of them in the streets of Brussels, Paris, Oslo and in Cairo and Beirut upper class clubs.

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