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When the Ball Comes – About Life Wonder and a Common World

The eyes of the ball, the legs of the being. Notes along the sports column (s) the roads. Foreword by Lars Movin
Forfatter: Torben Ulrich
Forlag: Spring (Danmark)
A marvelous ecopoetic journey to join the world.

Is it possible that everyday life contains the source not only of recognition but of the deepest wisdom of life?

Several writers and artists have repeatedly pointed this out. But we deviate, forget it, reject it. Falling back on a world that can be measured, divided, mastered. Maybe because what is closest is also what is most difficult for the mind to grasp? Not only do you have to break through a long tradition that has made everyday life and what is happening right in front of us, an unworthy object of reflection (science, economics, etc.), but also because you have to step back from the active world to become filled with wonder. So we can actually spot something completely new about the world. So that the most intimate things, such as a ball coming towards us, appear on a marvelous and. . .

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Alexander Carnera
Carnera is a freelance writer living in Copenhagen.

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