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When your country is against you

What You Gonna Do When The World's On Fire?
Regissør: Roberto Minervini
(USA, Frankrike, Italia)

BLACK PANTS / Robert Minervini's new documentary portrays civil rightsless people in New Orleans and their struggle to survive in a country that has apparently failed them.

You can safely let black and white film and modest sound designs unfold, slowly let the characters show who they are – give yourself time to think and wonder, because you notice the cameraman's own look is attentive – and he doesn't rush. Also, the editor is generous with time: It takes time before you are sure you are in New Orleans, time before someone's name is pronounced, and time before you notice this movie can show fear and anger – without becoming an angry movie .

What You Gonna Do When The World's On Fire? was taken up in 2017. Trump had just taken over the presidency. For a while, nothing but the number of African Americans shot and killed by the police occupied parts of society. The film does not try to recreate the rage. Instead, it shows us how these recent murders revive a fear that stretches back two hundred years in time, and that attention is not enough to end oppression or alleviate the pain. . .

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Velin is a Canadian director and journalist.

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