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When states fail

Ironically, non-governmental organizations are the rescue of our global world.

[Moscow, Russia] A global crisis mood has recently prevailed over conditions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kosovo. Like the crisis in the loan market, this has shown us how vulnerable the global financial system is.

We are increasingly seeing how reluctant we are to adapt to the interdependence that globalization brings. Among the many actors in the global arena, such as the multinational corporations and the non-governmental organizations (NGOs), it is the governments of the independent states that bear the greatest responsibility – both for the problems and for finding the solution to them. Their attitude has nevertheless been the biggest disappointment.

We need an overall vision for how to solve the political, economic and environmental challenges facing the world today. But it is difficult to reach such agreement in a political atmosphere without a moral approach. An example of this lack of morale: In 2000, the UN General Assembly adopted it. . .

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