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Nation Europe

With the election result in Italy in March as the starting point, Italian Marxist theorist Franco Berardi describes the nationalist and racist trends he sees in today's Europe.

The European Union (EU) was conceived as a post-national project. There was only a small (fascist) minority of popular opinion in Europe that in the following decades referred to Europe as one nation. However, the post-national project has failed, and has given way to Europe's new identity as one white nation.

The Italian elections in March marked a new and possibly crucial chapter in the dissolution of what was once the EU, highlighting how the post-national project has now been transformed into a European nation in permanent racial war. Ever since the Maastricht Agreement, the EU has served as a neoliberalist device that transfers resources from society to the economic system. 25 years of monetary policy aimed at dismantling the welfare state and downgrading safe working conditions have had an inevitable consequence: a growing criticism of the European project – a criticism most often based on nationalism linked to the impotent rage of those suffering from social debasement.

Financial poverty

In most European countries, the people are protesting against globalized and neo-liberal politics, especially against Fiscal Compact: the imposition of a debt that breaks down all social life and transfers capital to the banking system. In the beginning – from 2011 to 2015 – this opposition was expressed through social opposition: the Spanish acampada-the protest, the Occupy movement and finally the Greek referendum against the Troika. . .

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Bernardi is a philosopher, writer and activist living in Italy.

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