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No to Svalbard

The master does not allow sample drilling in the national park.


Tuesday's target business with the quarry master in Trondheim ended in defeat for the company Norwegian Petroleum Group ASA (NPG). The company had applied for a total of five targets, areas with exclusive rights to resource utilization, at the mouth of the Van Mijenfjord. (See New Time 28-05.)

- We rejected the application for targets on the grounds that these are within the national park, then we will see if the company wants to appeal the case further, says mining master Per Zakken Brekke to Ny Tid.

For Asbjørn Skotte, board member and largest shareholder in NPG, the resolution came as no surprise.

- We had advanced this a long time ago, when we first learned about the protection decision. It is not allowed to award goals in national parks. But we still disagree with the interpretation, we were after all out four years before the area was protected, and will appeal to the Ministry of Trade and Industry in the usual way. We will also consider seeking compensation, based on losses we have had, as a result of what we consider to be a confiscation, says Skotte to Ny Tid.

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