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Nihilism and individualism replaced with solidarity and community?

ACCELERATIONISM / For the children of the new millennium, conservatism is a dead ideology. And above neoliberalism, a new communist realism is now taking shape among young Britons.

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

"There's no alternative!" Insisted Margaret Thatcher in the eighties. The slogan illuminates something central to the neo-liberal period that her over ten years in power both launched and accelerated in the UK. Any alternative vision for the future eventually got into trouble in a political landscape where services were privatized, people reduced to individualistic atoms – and history itself, at the cessation of the Soviet Union, declared over. Without ideological competitors, the neoliberalists gained a monopoly on political imagination, and a capitalist realism attached the grip on the mind – a picture of the reality where the world was finite, only capitalism eternal.

Sarkar struck back with the following viral sound byte: "I'm literally a communist, you idiot!"

With Capitalist Realism (2009) the British critic Mark Fisher described the suffocating cultural atmosphere behind the financial crisis and the costly aftermath. Without an alternative, the system had to be revived, the experts "modernized", and the technocracy living – all on the community's. . .

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