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BODY THEATER: Wearing black suit, black mask, black gloves, half human, half insect, clattering like the beetle…

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Dancer Kitt Johnson
Dance chapel. Copenhagen Stage Festival, 2019

A seated collapsed body, wearing a black suit, black mask, black gloves, half human, half insect, now clattering like the beetle moving in zigzag, or sideways, constantly along the ground, tense into a trembling energy, agile, inhuman , cannibal, self-consuming, now crawling across the white earth, this monkey, this human, never the naturalistic forms of the western bodies, but masked, curved, elated bodies, with white eyes, the tragic obscenity of the monkey, now caterpillar-like, electric, distorted, motionless.

Butoh dance, body dance, body art: the theater of distortion.

This small body absorbs space and causes it to tremble more than the outstretched bodies of the western big dance. It is the secret of cruelty: characters, bodies and earth that are interconnected rather than dissolved. Instead of occupying an abstract space, as in Western choreography, the whole room is brought back to the body with the help of a crazy, tormented and never-well-known nudity. The hands are brought up to the face and pull the hair out of the eye sockets in the mask, it is no longer necessary with eyes to see. Now standing while the hands button the suit up by the abdomen, which first contracts and then plays out, like an inflated bladder, after which the contours of a face, a child, an unborn child, an old child, lay down. . .

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Alexander Carnera
Carnera is a freelance writer living in Copenhagen.

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