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No place is safe

GAZA: The inhabitants run for their lives and leave their homes, without having a safe place to seek refuge from the massive attacks of the Israelis.

(18.5.21) Every night is a nightmare in the Gaza Strip, which stretches along 45 kilometers of the east coast of the Mediterranean. The people living under airstrikes and constant bombardment by the Israeli military – for the ninth day in a row.

Following the military escalation between the Israeli army and opponents in Gaza, the people of Gaza are waking up Gaza after the night's Israeli bombardment to a sunny morning that reveals new piles of masonry and concrete remnants mixed with torn clothes, curtains and crushed flower pots, but also pieces of dead people.

According to many Gaza residents with whom MODERN TIMES spoke, Israeli forces deliberately doubled their fighter jets at night to launch continuous attacks on residential and commercial buildings after power lines were bombed. The night thus became twice as long.

At dawn on Sunday, May 16, hundreds of displaced families – from the eastern border of the separation fence to Israel – were observed heading west after Israeli artillery began firing right at civilian homes.

The attacks, which also affected some homes, were a signal to the population to evacuate their homes. They went at night, to the center of Gaza and Khan Yunis, hoping that it would be safer there.

Fleeing to the hospital

"I do not know where to flee. I only hear terrified screams. . .

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