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North and South Korea can come together – with Russia's help

In recent months, talks have been held between Russia and South Korea to establish new and peaceful development processes in the area. 


To see future opportunities on the Korean peninsula, one must search the history of East Asia, and not least see the role of the great powers over many decades. There are six parties in this picture: the US, Japan, China and Russia in addition to the two Koreas. And as the leading democracy movement in today's Korea puts it on its website: It has been the United States geopolitical interest that has governed politics in the area – not Korea's needs.

Here lies the core to understanding the soon-to-be 65-era Cold War. In the wake of the threat from North Korea, the United States has been able to justify heavy, military installations and troop concentrations, pointing cautiously not least to China's superpower.

Putin Moon plan. South Korean President Moon has initiated the so-called "Putin-Moon Plan", which is based on South Korea's technology expertise, North Korea's cheap labor and the Russian oil and gas. This will necessarily reduce – and threaten? – US and NATO dominance in this part of the world.

Moon proposed in the autumn meeting with Putin to cooperate in nine areas: gas, rail, ports, Arctic ship leader, electricity, shipbuilding, labor, agriculture and fisheries. For example, it only lacks the 15 km railway line in North Korea to directly link Seoul with Moscow – that is, Northeast Asia with Europe.

Moon proposed for leaders in Northeast Asia to join the countries in a super network – a comprehensive economic block and multilateral security system.

Furthermore, Moon proposed for leaders in Northeast Asia to link the countries together in a super network with a comprehensive economic block and a multilateral security system. Over time, this can provide a peaceful solution to the North Korean nuclear challenge. Moon believes that peaceful development cooperation is the way to safety. In other words, there is sunshine policy in the current suit.

Outstretched hand. In light of the Putin-Moon plan, North Korea's participation in the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang is exciting. While Trump threatens big and small nuclear buttons and leads the world deeper into boycotts against both North Korea and Russia, President Moon generously invites North Korea to co-host important markings during the Olympics. His outstretched hand is an invitation to cooperation and peace, but it is also a vulnerable initiative that the United States could easily overturn if they find their geopolitical dominance threatened.

The Russian bear can play an important role in the softening of the peninsula – if the US allows it.

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John Y. Jones
Cand. Philol, freelance journalist affiliated with MODERN TIMES

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