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Norway has become a climate political slowdown

The black shift
Forfatter: Eivind Trædal
Forlag: Cappelen Damm (Norge)
Our important social debater, Eivind Trædal, has written a thorough history book on Norwegian climate policy – and why it is in the wild.

In the last couple of years, I have had the pleasure of reviewing many books on environmental protection, green social development and green politics here in Ny Tid. Many have been academic, some written by journalists. Now a Norwegian politician has also signed up.

Eivind Trædals The black shift points to how environmental policy awakening in the 1970 years led to the environmental election 1989, with cross-political agreement that Norwegian climate policy should be a horse head in front of the other countries. This is not how it went: 30 years later we are a climate policy slowdown. Tredal's book sheds light on what happened on the road between then and now.

Important debater

The story told is about the oil's increasing power over our minds, combined with the strong growth in consumption and the larger greenhouse gas emissions that follow. In line with Norwegian prosperity, the willingness to take necessary precautions has become less and less; instead, we have changed the way we argue, giving the impression that Norwegian oil production is not a problem, but rather the solution to the problem.

This policy was challenged by Arne Næs, Erik Dammann and Sigmund Kvaløy Setreng, on which strong growth criticism flourished.

There is no doubt that it responded. . .

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Svein Hammer
Hammer is a dr.polit. in sociology and regular reviewer in Ny Tid.

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