Norway's allies among the worst

TORTURE / Here we take a review from Amnesty's report with 16 countries where torture is used.


Amnesty International has today found clear evidence that torture occurs in 16 countries. Five of these countries are our NATO allies, most others belong to the so-called "free world".

The torture increases in scope. It is becoming more and more common for the countries to exchange experts and develop advanced instruments and methods through cooperation.

Amnesty bases its report on various testimonies from prisons in the countries. These are some examples of torture in the 16 countries:

Argentina. Impossible to guess the number of political prisoners. But it is known that torture occurs. First and foremost, there is torture with various electrical instruments. They use "interrogation experts" from Brazil and the USA. The prisoners are left-wing oppositionists and students.

Belgium. Amnesty revealed last autumn that Belgium used torture in connection with a NATO exercise. In a court case that followed, it emerged that a group of "hunters" used torture against the "enemy" to press forward information.

Brazil. The number of political prisoners is approx. 12. All – without exception – are tortured. The most refined methods are used – i.a. electric shocks to the genitals and head.

The Central African Republic. Amnesty bases its accusations on photographic evidence of a group of prisoners being flogged in public. They were not political prisoners, but had stolen.

Greece. Corresponding witness accounts tell of carefully rehearsed torture against anyone who dissents from the fascist military junta. The political prisoners are tortured according to the so-called "phalanx" method. A method that involves whipping the soles of the prisoner's feet. It sounds "humane", but the pain is excruciating.

Iran. As for the number of political prisoners, it is difficult to come close to a correct figure. People "disappear" very easily in Iranian prisons. The torture is very simple: Abuse, cigarettes against the skin, needles under the nails.

Paraguay. In the capital, Asuncion, there are around 100 political prisoners – and in the countryside between 200 and 250. For the most part, Paraguay uses torture experts from Brazil and the USA.

Sor-Afrika. There are thousands of political prisoners here – most of them are black. Torture: The prisoner's head is held under water until he is about to suffocate. Electric shocks are also used.

Portugal. There are huh. 150 political prisoners in the country. Very "advanced" torture methods are used. Violent sound and light effects, the prisoners are prevented from eating and are awakened at regular intervals until they have hallucinations.

Spain. The number of prisoners convicted of political "crimes" is around 1000. But the actual number is far greater. Many of the prisoners are young people. The fact that horrific torture occurs in Spanish prisons has long been known.

Turkey – "skin executions". NATO partner Turkey has approx. 2000 political prisoners. The daily torture includes, among other things, so-called "skin executions" which are repeated until the prisoner breaks down.

Northern Ireland. There are several hundred political prisoners. Pure abuse is the most common form of torture.

Soviet. It has been made clear that political oppositionists and intellectuals are locked up in mental hospitals. In total, the number is approx. 150. Some of them receive medication that has a very harmful effect on healthy people.

Uruguay. Around 1000 political prisoners. As in Paraguay, Brazilian torture experts are used.

Rhodesia – South Africa helps. South Africa and Rhodesia have a very well-developed cooperation when it comes to torture and the intelligence service.

South Vietnam – worst in the world. Amnesty estimates that there are 200 political prisoners in South Vietnamese prisons. PRR states 000 more. Torture of the most variable and bestial kind occurs. The infamous "tiger cages" are well known.

Our allies

Five of these countries are directly allied with Norway through NATO: Belgium, Greece, Portugal, Turkey and the USA. It is therefore countries with such ideals for the treatment of political opponents who are to be our saviors in war or crisis situations.

Most of these countries are part of the so-called "free world". Does this term "freedom" mean abuse, water torture, electric shocks and treatment in "tiger cages"?

Do we want to be allied with such "interpreters of freedom"?


Bilder: Gunes Karabuda

American torture in Vietnam. A number of NATO member states practice torture. Much of it is more cunning and cruel than in this picture.

The victim. This is the Italian Roberto de Fortini. He was one of the 70 political prisoners released in Brazil in the spring of 1971 in exchange for the kidnapped Swiss ambassador. Afterwards – in Chile – he showed the torture he had undergone.

Lighted cigarette. The purpose of the torture is to frighten the prisoners into speaking. But very few prisoners speak "only" because a jailer burns their skin with a cigarette. In Brazilian prisons, this is just the beginning – a foretaste of death.

Electricity. Then 120 volts of electricity is directed to the prisoner's most sensitive body parts: ears, mouth, armpits and genitals.

Water. If the prisoner still refuses to speak, water is allowed to flow through a hose into the mouth and nose – to suffocate the person concerned. Optionally, the torture can be intensified by pouring water on the electric wires.



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