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Norwegian newspaper hacked after Ny Tid article

The newspaper The Nordic Page, which disseminates Norwegian news in English, was attacked and hacked. It happened after they had published part of the Ny Tid case about two Chechens who were found tortured and killed after they were sent out of Norway.

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

"This has not happened a single time since we started the website in 2009," says the owner of the online newspaper Abdurrahim Günaydin. The Nordic Page has around 60 monthly readers. The newspaper translated and published its version of Ny Tid's investigative case about two Chechen asylum seekers who were rejected from Norway and later found dead in Chechnya in December.
"We can't pinpoint who's behind the attack, because it's very difficult to track. But we are reasonably sure why the attack came and that it was because of this article, ”says Günaydin. "The attack started minutes after the tortured Chechens case was posted."

Lay down for several hours. Abdurrahim Günaydin reports that it was a denial of service attack. It happens by hackers using trojan viruses take control of many private computers without that. . .

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Øystein Windstad
Former journalist at Ny Tid.

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