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Norwegian idealism – a foxhole

Orientering 16.mars 1968

Few things are more sacred to Norwegians than the flag and the fleet.

The flag – it stands for freedom, for Norwegian, for Norway hurra. The fleet – it symbolizes Norwegian boldness and enterprise on the seven seas. Every ship under the flag waving a new piece of Norway in operation on the endless desert sea.

In short: Cheers!

About that, we imagine a real Norwegian stack drain. But this perception of Norway and Norwegians is hardly limited to the ranks of the Shipowners' Association. After all, it is a syllabus from primary school and up.

Norwegians generally have a touching and naive picture of themselves. We believe, for example, that we are among the most generous. . .

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Kjell Cordtsen
Cordsen was previously editor of Orientering, and included in the name change to New Time in 1975.

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