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Norwegian jazz records for 100 years

In a catalog from 1906 for Pathé's phonograph rolls, there is a well-known traditional jazz melody, "At a Georgia Camp Meeting", recorded by piccolo flutist Chr. Pettersen. The recording must probably have taken place in 1905 – this means that we have not only been able to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the dissolution of the union, but also of Norwegian jazz records.

Jazz and jazz. The music was hardly particularly "hot", but the ragtime syncope was well known in Norway. Nor was it a record, but a phonograph scroll. The recording is included in Johs Bergh's Norwegian jazz discography, with the subtitle 1905-1998, so we can well celebrate this precursor to Norwegian jazz.

Ragtime quickly caught on with Norwegian accordionists, and a number of relevant recordings were made in the years 1908-20, and now it was about 78 records,. . .

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