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"Northern Wind" – an exercise on NATO's terms?

"As long as we are part of NATO, we must use our position to take a clear stance against armaments and war hoaxes," said Marianne Gulli of Red, who believes Norway should stay home under the Northern Wind.

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Rødt believes the military exercise "Northern Wind", which is being held in northern Sweden this March, is problematic. The party's international leader, Marianne Gulli, tells Ny Tid that it is positive that Norway and Sweden are practicing together, but not within NATO's framework. "Formally, this is a Swedish defense exercise, but NATO countries have been invited. The NATO website, on the other hand, says almost nothing about the exercise. The relationship with NATO is strengthened, and this goes under the radar. This 'sneak collection' is very problematic. This is the first time Norway has sent the Army to Sweden. Also during 'Aurora' in 2017, Norway was invited to participate. Red wants a Nordic defense alliance that is neutral. "

"Resistance to NATO and anti-war work is the very back row of the Red."

The party wants Norway to opt out of NATO and ideally sees the entire organization cease to exist. But until Norway leaves, it is important to use the position one has as a member state, Gulli says: "As long as we are a part of NATO, we must use our position to take a clear stand against disarmament and war hoarding and not just be a headdress for the United States. When the United States pressures Sweden, which is an independent country, not to sign the nuclear agreement, we must use its member position to oppose it. ”

No excuse

The fact that Spain may become the first member state to sign the UN's nuclear weapons agreement puts the Norwegian government's refusal to do so in a very bad light. "NATO has been used as a leading argument, but we cannot use NATO as an excuse for not signing," Gulli says. "If Spain signs, it shows that NATO membership is not an obstacle. Norway has been successful in having a calm tone towards Russia and has emphasized neighborhood. Now the deterrence is increasing, at the expense of this neighborhood. Then we see that the threat picture – according to NATO – is increasing. It is self-inflicted, since we are the ones who are messing up. So the whole argument about nuclear weapons falls on its own unreasonableness. Nuclear weapons doctors released a report last fall that clearly shows that the argument against signing the nuclear ban is political and not legally rooted. ”

"The argument against signing the nuclear ban is political and not legally rooted." Gulli

When asked how Rødt envisages Norway now operating towards Russia, Gulli also points out dialogue and cooperation: "We believe that sanctions against Russia were not a good idea in the first place, since it creates a break in the relationship; we are used to inviting each other in to have a good conversation and take care of the cooperation that exists between the countries. We do not want nuclear weapons here on Earth, and signing the agreement will be a good step in the right direction. And, of course, the dismantling of NATO. "

On April 4 this year, NATO will be 70 years old. This should be highlighted. "Resistance to NATO and anti-war work is the very backbone of the Red," says Gulli. "We had a school last year and held themed meetings and lectures [in connection with the NATO exercise 'Trident Juncture']. That work will continue, and now it is the 70th anniversary of NATO's turn – NATO's 70th 'shame day'. ”

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