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Should We Fear Russia?
Forfatter: Dmitri Trenin
Forlag: Polity Press (UK)
The Russia-Georgia war in 2008 was to show that the NATO expansion eastward limit had been reached. With the Ukraine crisis of 2013 – 15, it was exceeded. 

“Russia is both strong and weak; both authoritarian and lawless; traditionally and without values. Everything can change overnight, and nothing will change in 200 years. ”This is what Russian Dmitry Trenin writes in the easy-to-read and well-argued book Should We Fear Russia?. The author discusses developments in Russia and Russian foreign policy, and both goes through and addresses the most common reasons Western politicians give for their Russia fear. In addition, he asks whether Russia has reason to fear the West. He concludes that the fear is excessive on both sides and that there is an urgent need for confidence-building and conflict-reducing measures.

Russia-West crisis. The book begins with an enlightening description of how the Russian elite interpreted the collapse of the Soviet Union: the event was understood as a voluntary liquidation of the old Russian empire, where the leadership of Moscow itself took the lead in declaring independence for both Russia and the others. . .

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Aslak Storaker
Storaker is a regular writer in Ny Tid, and a member of Rødt's international committee.

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