MODERN TIMES: Quarterly magazine next!

With the digitization online, MODERN TIMES will therefore become more active as Online Newspaper – and at the same time switch to full tabloid quarterly magazine every quarter from the next issue. With this we will be able to publish more articles online at current events rather than waiting for the printed edition.

We will also focus on regular video or podcast features – as well as make a number of perpetual conversations available in these formats.

We thus reduce paper consumption and save trees. At the same time, the paper newspaper MODERN TIMES will still have the topicality that the tabloid newsprint provides – we will not be a glossy magazine.

We believe that our strength as a publication is the ongoing mention of international and often political Books and will now concentrate on this, where MODERN TIMES's main part almost becomes a book review – a "review" (we admire those who Times Literary Supplement og New York Review of Books). Our skilled critics use it "Essayist" book review, that is, conveying what the authors have in mind, but also putting the books in the context of reality around.

MODERN TIMES has been based on these years essay style rather than journalism – which unfortunately has largely decayed into feelings, violations, "news", sensation and cleverly wrapped insignificance. Our change from monthly to paper every quarter also means that we will print in-depth essays. We think in particular of Big Tech and reflections on where we as a society are moving in "new times".

documentary is our second strength, but in the future the film reviews will mainly be found in the appendix Modern Times Review. . .

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