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Ny Tid establishes editorial board

Ny Tid has now established an editorial board, and we choose to present them here.


Sven Egil Omdal has been a journalist in Adresseavisen and Vårt Land, and has held various management positions in Stavanger Aftenblad. He has been chairman of the Norwegian Journalist Team and the Press Academic Committee, and board member of several international journalism organizations. Omdal has written several books, among them Paris. A wizard, Something in the media (with Halvor Hegtun) and Gestapo cellar. He is currently working on a book on citizen pay. In 2013 he was editor of the Free Word Report Journalism and democracy. In 2009 he was awarded the Swedish National Association's distinction Gold Pen.

Ketil Lund
chose law as a career path, similar to his father, grandfather and grandfather, who were also lawyers. Around the same time as Lund began as a private lawyer in 1978, he also began an extensive involvement in the Alta case where he was the Norwegian Society for Nature Conservation's lawyer. In the 1980s, he was involved in nature conservation cases, in matters of national security, in cases for writers 'and artists' organizations and for inpatients. From 1990 to 2009, he was a Supreme Court judge, head of the Lund Commission and a committee that assessed Norwegian lobotomy practice. As a pensioner, he has been particularly interested in developments against the surveillance state, forced psychiatry, legalization of drugs, the Palestinian issue with particular emphasis on the mistreatment of Palestinian children, and his human rights work as a commissioner in the International Legal Commission, of which he co-founded Norway in 2008.

Ellen Lande is a film director, film writer and filmmaker. She is educated at the Polish Film Academy as a director and film photographer. A clear international community involvement emerges in her own work. Lande has filmed for the Geneva Red Cross in Zimbabwe, and she co-produced with NRK in Russia the film «Hamsun & Post-Sovjetika». Countries have also worked in India for Amnesty International and the TV campaign with film documentation of violence against women. Together with filmmaker Maria F. Warsinski, Lande documented the Srbrenica massacre for the Human Rights Tribunal in The Hague. Lande's films were shown in a retrospective screening at the Cinematheque in Oslo in 2017 and in Morocco in 2016. Lande has been nominated for both the Norwegian Gullruten and Rose D'Or in Switzerland for best television drama. In addition to working on new projects, Lande is a regular film and culture writer at Ny Tid.

Alexander Harang is an educated political scientist, and has a diverse background as a peace worker from both home and abroad. Harang has worked as a peace researcher, adviser to the Storting, general manager of Norway's peace team and report writer for Norwegian Church Aid, The Future in Our Hands, Forum for Development and the Environment, Norwegian People's Aid and many others. Harang knows the peace movement thoroughly, both nationally and internationally. For the past fifteen years he has held positions of trust in both the International Umbrella The International Peace Office and the National Umbrella of the Norwegian Peace Council. Harang is the leader of the Norwegian peace team, and has led numerous campaigns and initiatives regarding disarmament, arms control and peace mediation since the 1990s.

John Y. Jones is a cand.philol.from the University of Oslo with an emphasis on American cultural studies and Jewish-American literature. He has 30 years of experience in Norwegian development assistance with information and evaluation work. In recent years, he has been associated with the Swedish cultural center Voksenåsen with the Dag Hammarskjöld program and, among other things, brought a number of international whistleblowers such as David Ellsberg, Jesselyn Radack and Thomas Drake to Norway. Jones writes regularly in Ny Tid in the field of "global justice" and often about Korean issues after many stays in the country over the past 10 years.

Arne Ruth is a nestor in the Swedish press. Throughout her working life, Ruth has worked in the press, including as a journalist at Sweden's Radio and as a culture / editor in chief at Expressen and Dagens Nyheter. He came to Sweden with the White buses during the last weeks of the war. He is involved in the rights of refugees and immigrants – not least in Sweden. In addition to being a leader in Swedish PEN, Ruth is also the head of the Stig Dagermann Company, which annually awards the Stig Dagermann Prize in advance of the Nobel Prize in literature.

We welcome them. These will follow the development of the newspaper, be advisors to the editor, commentators, and also be a channel into the newspaper for the readers. / Red.

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