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New Norwegian military camp

The largest Norwegian military camp of the time outside Norway is being built in Afghanistan.


[Afghanistan] Next month, the largest Norwegian military camp outside Norway will be ready in Mazar-e-Sharif in Afghanistan. The new military camp is located near the border with Uzbekistan. The camp with Norwegian soldiers, which was attacked by demonstrative Afghans on Tuesday, is also located in northern Afghanistan. Specifically, in Meymaneh near the border with Turkmenistan.

- It is uncertain what can happen in Mazar-e-Sharif in relation to protests against the Muhammad cartoons. So far, there have been fewer attacks on international forces there than elsewhere in Afghanistan. It is most dangerous if the new camp is mixed with the US Operation Enduring Freedom, says Afghanistan expert Arne Strand at Christian Michelsen's Institute.

Kristian Berg Harpviken, a researcher at the Institute for Peace Research (PRIO) shares the concern.

- The distinction between the peacekeeping ISAF forces and Operation Enduring Freedom is blurred. The use of fighter jets in Isaf does not make it better. If the attacks on Norwegian soldiers reflect protests against Norway, it can be much more complicated with Norwegian involvement in Afghanistan, says Berg Harpviken.

76 Norwegian soldiers and almost 1000 tonnes of machinery are now working to get the camp ready for occupation in early March. The camp, which is not named yet, will be part of the German camp Marmal. It can accommodate up to 500 Norwegian soldiers.

The establishment of the camp has resulted in a massive relocation operation of materials from Norway to Afghanistan.

We have had 27 logistics flights and transported tens of thousands of tonnes. The move of the main airport from Fornebu to Gardermoen will be like a small stamp to count for comparison, says Commander Thom Knustad, press officer at Joint Operations Headquarters outside Stavanger to Ny Tid.


For the sake of the safety of Norwegian soldiers, the Armed Forces does not want Ny Tid to write about the construction of the new camp. – In relation to the attack on Norwegian soldiers this week, Ny Tid must make a press professional assessment of how wise it is to announce that we are building a new military camp, says Commander Thom Knustad. In an article on Forsvarsnett on 31 January this year, however, the Armed Forces itself provided information on the construction of the new camp.

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