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Neoliberalism as a more indirect art of governing?

Social democracy versus neoliberalism. Norwegian governing art 1814–2020
Forfatter: Svein Hammer
Forlag: Solum Bokvennen (Norge)
MANAGEMENT: This is a book about what neoliberalism is – also as a more indirect art of governing


In the new book Social democracy versus neoliberalism Sociologist Svein Hammer tries to give us a deeper understanding of the present by pointing out changes in the way society is governed, what Hammer calls "governing art". An important point for him is that the transition from social democracy to neoliberalism has not been that the state has withdrawn or become less important, but that statone is used in a different way. There it social democracyIf governance was about more direct governance and planning, neoliberal governance is about creating norms and frameworks that promote competition and market structures.

Hammer lays out a wide-ranging critique of growth and modernity that affects social democracy and neoliberalism to an equal degree.

To understand the change or transformation of Norway, Hammer not only draws on academic insights, but also in his early years as an active member of the Young Conservatives and a period with various administration and development positions in the Housing Bank and the Municipality of Norway. These experiences enrich his analysis. Since he himself has been attracted to the ideals of freedom of the 80s and 90s and "settlement with social democracy", he can understand. . .

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Ola Innset
Innset (1985) has a doctorate in history from the European University Institute. Dissertation / book "Reinventing Liberalism" (Springer, 2020)

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