News from the peace academy

In connection with Norway's year as a member of the Security Council (2021–2022), PRIO, NUPI and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will hold thematic meetings to discuss issues on the Security Council's agenda. The first meeting took place on April 29 and dealt with global health and security. The purpose of these meetings is to open up for strategic discussions between experts, researchers and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

PRIO has a number of ongoing research projects. Recent projects include Adapted to War (AWAR), RegulAIR: The integration of drones in the Norwegian and European Airspaces, and Geographies of Conflict-Induced Migration (CONMIG).

And for example, researcher at the PRIO Cyprus Center, Zenonas Tziarras, gave a digital and public lecture on April 29 on patterns of cooperation and competition in the Mediterranean. . .

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