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Some people do not know their own best: They publish magazines.

[journal] The vast forest of Norwegian magazines is getting closer, but it would be wrong to talk about lush jungle for that reason. Therefore, we are going to present here three that are a little outside of the all-purpose fair.

Correct Copy is an academic publication that has not been visible until now, but which is becoming harder to ignore now: Nowadays, editors have collected most of what the 1900th century produced of artistic and political manifestos, and translated them (in extenso – everything else is as known worthless and useless), partly again, to Norwegian. Each manifesto is equipped with an afterword by a Norwegian author or intellectual. So this is really more of a book than a magazine, and it has become a very valuable book.

Nihilism and Anarchism

I just read that a poorly informed person thought the avant-garde had nothing to do with uniforming. Nothing could be more wrong: the avant-garde comes from the military "vanguard", and the most extreme artistic avant-garde was the first: the Italian futurists, who were militant, nationalist and pro-fascist. Point nine in «The futuristic. . .

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Kjetil Korslund
Historian of ideas and regular critic in Ny Tid.

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