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The philosophy of journalism
JOURNALISM: Via the pragmatic philosophy, Steen Steensen and Harald Hornmoen create great relevance and applicability in their thoughtful writing about journalism.

On a daily basis, I work in Denmark researching and thinking about journalism, and I am so lucky to share an office with a philosopher. In my intellectual and academic life, I have not yet met a human being who, like this philosopher, always manages to make a relevant, stimulating and often surprising observation when we discuss the essence of journalism. That is why the Norwegian book is here, Philosophy of Journalism, a work I have been very much looking forward to reading. This is because a philosophical thinking about the often overly thoughtless subject of journalism is extremely much needed.

The authors deftly adopt the pragmatic philosophy in their analysis of journalism.

Behind the book are two Norwegian professors of journalism, namely Steen Steensen and Harald Hornmoen, who both have a background in executive journalism. The communication skills of the two gentlemen are also extremely well-honed and create a logically progressive and readable text. The background in executive journalism is perhaps also one of the reasons why writers deftly adopt the approach of pragmatic philosophy in their analysis of journalism and the basic journalistic ideals.

With its foundation in the situational and functional rather than the eternal and the universal, the pragmatic philosophy is an excellent suggestion of a path to thinking in a subject that seems under constant. . .

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Steffen Moestrup
Permanent contributor to MODERN TIMES.

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