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Oil – the industry of the past

Several of the world's politicians and money managers are now turning their backs on the fossil industry for climate reasons. Norwegian politicians talk enthusiastically that Norway must take its share of global responsibility, but in the Oil Fund, investments in the fossil industry seem to continue as before.

NGOs, universities and private individuals around the world have called for a boycott of the fossil fuel industry, and the world community is following up. At the beginning of 2018, 848 institutions had disinvested from the fossil fuel industry for values ​​totaling more than 6 billion dollars. More than 000 individuals have also sold out of coal, oil and gas. From the end of 58, the World Bank will no longer provide loans for upstream activity in the petroleum sector, and the coal industry has long since lost its lending privileges.

Common climate goals. There is widespread agreement that global warming exceeding two degrees compared to pre-industrial times will cause irreversible damage to Earth's ecosystems. The world must make drastic. . .

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