Don Lowe
Don Lowe

The eco-anarchist on Greek Hydra: To be able to step out of our western everyday life

PORTRAIT: Can you today live a life where you sing until sunrise and dance at sunset? According to Don Lowe, all Greeks are anarchists at heart.

Responsible editor of MODERN TIMES.
Published: September 5, 2020

What's the Greek island? Hydra, who attracted personalities like Leonard Cohen, Axel Jensen and Marianne Ihlen? MODERN TIMES went there and met the British resident who has lived there the longest, Don Lowe. He came here as a 27-year-old and stayed. Cohen and Ihlen's longtime friend is now over 80 - - and has written around a hundred books on a manual typewriter. Don - actually "Donald" - is different from most, and the exact opposite of a certain namesake.

Democracy is about to fall

Recently, life on Hydra was rendered in Nick…

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