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Organic villages

ECO-COMMUNITY / Updated by the "war in Europe" (Ukraine), European countries today are forced to accelerate the development of renewable energy – as with solar heating and wind turbines.

In the Anthropocene age, populations are socialized into a fossil dependency relationship with a predetermined power structure, economy, and struggle for natural resources.

Today we know that that «development» can not continue. Out of nine indicators have, for example Stockholm Resilience Center determined that Earth has exceeded the planet's limits on four out of the nine.

Therefore, the world community must be designed so that development can be adjusted. Initially, the labor movement articulated an alternative to capitalism, but the labor movement imagined and adapted as economic growth allowed "the establishment" to provide economic benefits to groups of workers.

All over the world, eco-societies based on various ecological themes – and as a counterweight to the materialistic world of consumption – have established living communities as alternatives to the "American way of life". This has been further updated by the publication of the frightening reports of the UN IPCC.

Waste sorting and food supply

The idea of ​​establishing eco-community or # eco-villages are usually started by individuals joining forces and – from below – deciding to socially start an alternative project outside the institutional framework of society. How comprehensive a theme that will be part of an eco-community or eco-village will depend on the knowledge and entrepreneurial skills of the affiliated residents – as well as on the financial resources.

To exercise self-government and self-sufficiency completely isolated from the institutional framework of society.

Over the years, «alternative lifestyles» have been developed for increasingly conscious infrastructural efforts with regard to. to be able to exercise. . .

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