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Ecology is playfully serious

All Art is Ecological
Forfatter: Timothy Morton
Forlag: Penguin Classics (UK)
ECOLOGY / Penguins' newly launched green series presents old and new books that change the way we think and talk about the living earth. You are in the age of mass extinction, but the philosopher Martin Heidegger brings us here on the trail of what we need.

Statements such as: What we need first and foremost are sustainable solutions. Or: What do you want to do to save the planet? And how many seminars do not like to end with an almost summarizing warning: What can we then use all that knowledge for, because now is the time to act. People look down into the lap or into the air, often marked by a sense of shame. Now we want to see some will, some initiative.

But Morton goes a different way: for him, we have to learn to think slowly, let ourselves be surprised, marvel at how strange things are and ourselves. Reading him is like hearing Pink Floyd (his own favorite band), listening and hovering – while letting all the weird and bizarre things flow together into weird sizes, into something we do not quite understand, like hyper objects, plastic cows, strange suction cups in an octopus that suddenly reach out for one to make contact, as in Craig Foster's film What I learned from the squid . . .

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Alexander Carnera
Carnera is a freelance writer living in Copenhagen.

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