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The economy is collapsing

Economic collapse always leads to economic state of emergency – from the fall of the Roman Empire to today's civil war-like conditions in Venezuela. 

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All wars, including World War I and World War II, were also largely caused by economic affairs. Freedom is always the big loser when economic collapse occurs. Democracy is replaced by authoritarian and totalitarian forces. We can travel to North Korea or Cuba to see how lasting economic collapses appear in these socialist or fascist "paradises" (dear children have many names), or we can head to former President Chavez 'Venezuela, as Norwegian and international socialists as recently as eight years ago proclaimed as the "dream state". Do you think what Heikki Holmås and Audun Lysbakken have to say about today's Venezuela, where the store shelves are empty and people are pillaging and killing each other to survive? Inflation is sky high – many hundreds of percent on an annual basis. For all practical purposes, the monetary unit is worthless, and those who want the essentials of their lives have to trade on the black exchange with US dollars.

As in Cuba, it is the police and the military that try to keep a certain order when the social machinery collapses as a result of a failed economic policy. To see what money printing does with a country's debt level and currency, we can go back in time to the Weimar Republic in 1923 or to Zimbabwe in recent times, where $ 1000 billion was enough for a pinch. Common to all these totalitarian regimes is economic collapse followed by social collapse. Freedom and human rights are replaced by despotism, police and military power.

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Hans Eirik Olav
Olav has a long time from the financial world behind him.

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