The oil industry is the root of all evil

MONEY AND OIL / If you mix corruption and rogue states with the richest and most devastating industry in the world – the oil industry – the result is an explosive mix.


In the book Blow-out describes the TV presenter and political commentator Rachel Maddow an intricate network we will perish in – if we do not break out of it. It's about big oil and gas, a monster whose only goal is money. Unfortunately, neither financial nor societal interests are promoted where the money is earned through greed, lies and crime.

Goes over corpses

Maddow is a well-known voice in the United States, through the US news channel MSNBCs The Rachel Maddow Show (everything is Show in America). In book form, she gives us an insight into how the most profitable industry in the world, the oil and gas industry, goes over similarly to achieve its goals. Any "petrostaters" leader, Vladimir Putin, who has the country's (own) honor and (money) power first and foremost on the program, is probably the one who makes the most visible. Putin's political recipe is, as is known, the elimination of political opposition (Boris Nemtsov, Aleksandr Litvinenko), destruction of competitors (such as Russia's former richest man, oligarch and Yukos chief Mikhail Khodorkovsky, now living in exile), stratospheric oil money use to show the world who the greatest of all, namely Vladimir, king of the Sochi Olympics – all this topped by the annexation of Krim and abuse of civilian soldiers in

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