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Oil prices are stifling developments in Africa

Per Kristian Foss rubs his hands and sees the billions of oil roll in, but who pays the party?


If we are to believe the media, it is mainly the US motorists who pay our increased revenues from oil exports. Fear spreads in the United States, when the price of a gallon of gasoline breaks the symbolic $ 3 limit. This entails a liter price of NOK 5,20. But American drivers do not take the bill alone.

Precisely the one-sided focus on Norway's increased wealth creates resentment in some environments.

- A rosy presentation that belongs nowhere, says Espen Villanger, economist at Christian Michelsen's Institute, to Ny Tid. He emphasizes that for oil-importing developing countries, the current oil price is a serious obstacle.

- A focus on Norway's wealth does not correspond to our own agenda for eradicating poverty. Unemployment in developing countries is the biggest problem, and many countries have an active policy towards creating. . .

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