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About those who become injured

Both Edward Burtynsky and Rune Eraker will create change through the photograph.


Preus Museum, Horten:
Man and Earth. Light and Shadows / The Blind Eye
23. September to 24. March 2019

Canadian Burtynsky is a sought after photographer. In September, he had his third documentary Anthropocene: The Human Epoch premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. An exhibition of photographs from his nearly forty-year career also towers various gallery walls in Europe – they have done this for several years, but this year Burtynsky's photographs in Norway are shown for the first time. The Preus Museum in Horten opened 23. September two separate exhibitions depicting the consequences of overconsumption and environmental pollution. 28 of Burtynsky's photos is selected for this exhibition while Norwegian photographer Rune Eraker exhibits 35 photographs from the exhibition The Blind Eye, which was first shown at Oslo City Hall Gallery in 2013. Where Burtynsky is photographing large industrial landscapes, Eraker takes a closer look at the individuals affected. They both want to create change through photography. 

"Photography is perhaps one of the most accessible and immediate forms of communication we have today."
- Edward Burtynsky 

Both Eraker and Burtynsky have had the whole world as a workplace for over thirty years, but they do not know each other's work from before. Both had to look up the other, they tell Ny Tid. Now they exhibit together with the same theme, but in their own premises in Horten.

Ship Breaking -Nickel-Tailings-No.-31-Sudbury, -Ontario-1996.- © -Edward-Burtynsky, -Courtesy-Admira, -Milano

Photography force-to-A change

Can Photography-lead-to-change? Slot-we-Burtynsky-i-was-mail exchanges-with-the-Canadian photographer. 

"Yes, -Of course," – answer-he. 

"Photography's maybe-one-of-the-most-available-and-immediate communication forms-we-have-to-day.A-information-and-spread-of-images-happen-faster-and-to- more-people-than-ever-via-internet. "

Burtynsky-want-a-help-to-change-and-for-a-oke-consciousness-in-publikum. Han thinks-it-is-the-kind-power-artists-can-ha.-But- some activist-is-he-not.

"I-see-me-self-as-one spokesperson-for-sustainable-development," – says-he.

The nature-have-always-had-one central place-in-the-na-63-year-old-photographer-life.A-That-it-was-his-call-a-tale-on-behalf-of environments, -skjonte-he-a-day-he-had-running the-his-wild-in-Pennsylvania-in-USA.

"I-turned-me-around-360 degrees, -and-it-was-nothing-that-was-untouched-nature-said-far-I-could-se.-this-put-me-ut.- is-this-earth? "- says-he-in-a-interview-with-author Michael Torosian, -and-who-is-rendered-in-boken-Manufactured-Landscapes- (2003). 

[caption-id = ”attachment_33627 al -align =” aligncenter ”-width =” 3509 ″]-Maldivene-2011.- © -run-Eraker.-Finnish-tourists enjoying evening sun-pa-luxury-resort-pa-Curedo Iceland. [/ Caption]


"How-are-kids-your-been-key?" – track-we-ham.- 

"I-am-concerned-for-future-generations," – explains the photographer. 

"I-see-the necessity-of-a-sustainable-industrial practices
--For-a-secure-that-we-have-one future-planet-it-is-possible-a-live-pa. "

The-Norwegian-photographer-Rune-Eraker-has-also-long-been-one keen-miljoforkjemper.-Pa-80s-was-he-environmentalist, -but-it-was-understand-in-2009- that-he-for-serious-began-a-photograph-climate change-in-world.A-Especially-da-them-as-understand-and-greatest-being-affected-by-drought, -ekstremvaer-and-flood. -He-acknowledge-faced-New-Time-that-he-still-is-one activist: 

"Activist am I-in-the-meaning-that-I-don't-take-pictures-if-it-not-is-important-in-one political context." 

"The-new-exhibition-pa-Nobel-peace center-and-The blind-eye-act-about-anything-that-I-think-is-important-and-who-ma-frem.-But-I-driver-no-activism-around-it, "- continues Han. 


The photographs-Eraker-set-out, -have-like-big-timeliness-in-day-as-when-they-were-shown-first-time-in-2013 -ifolge-him-self: 

"The exhibition-attempts-a-fa-forward-them-as-understanding-will-suffer-under-klimaendringer.-That-is-like-applicable-to-day, -with-all-flood-and-torke.- the point-is-that- [climate change] -not's theory; -it's already-started, -and-researchers-say-it-forsterkes.-Here-is-the-specific-people-who -lider-and-that-will-at-a-suffer-mer and-mer --- whether-it-is-Maldives- as-can-be-flooded, -or-Chad-as-is-enda- warmer-and-for-tort-to-a-could-live-there. "

"I-take-no-pictures-if-it-not-is-important-in-one political context."

I-discussion-depreciationOne-and-Earth.-Light-and-Shadows-and-The blind-eyeWriter-Preus Museum-that-day-museums-encouraged-to-a-be-visible-prosecutors-in-public debate, -and-at-these-two exhibitions-is-set-up-on-bakgrunn- of this:

"Both-exhibitions-witnesses-about-the-climate change-not-frames-fair-and-clearly does-that-we-all-have-a-common-global-responsibility-for-a-shield-SARB-natural and -utsatte groups. "  Rune-Eraker-is-for-time-also-current-with-a-big-exhibition
pa-Nobel-Peace Center in Oslo. 
13. Chittagong, Bangladesh 2000 © Edward Burtynsky, courtesy Admira, Milan [/ caption]

Nickel Tailings No. 31. Sudbury, Ontario 1996. © Edward Burtynsky, courtesy Admira, Milan

The power of photography to change

Can photography lead to change? we ask Burtynsky in our email exchange with the Canadian photographer. 

"Yes, of course," he replies. 

"Photography is perhaps one of the most accessible and immediate forms of communication we have today. Information and dissemination of photos is happening faster and to more people than ever through the internet. ”

Burtynsky wants to contribute to change and to raise public awareness. He thinks that's the kind of power artists can have. But he is not an activist.

"I see myself as a spokesman for sustainable development," he says.

Nature has always had a central place in the now 63-year-old photographer's life. That it was his calling to speak on behalf of the environment, he realized one day he had gone astray in Pennsylvania, USA.

"I turned around 360 degrees and there was nothing untouched in nature as far as I could see. This put me off. Is this Earth? ”He says in an interview with author Michael Torosian, which is reproduced in the book Manufactured Landscapes (2003) 

Maldives 2011. © Rune Eraker. Finnish tourists enjoy the evening sun at the luxury resort of Curedo Island.

In several interviews, the photographer has spoken warmly about the importance of children and their role as a motivating factor in continuing their work.

"How have your children been important?" We ask him.  

"I'm worried about future generations," the photographer explains. 

“I see the need for sustainable industrial practice
- to make sure we have a future planet it's possible to live on. "

The Norwegian photographer Rune Eraker has also long been an avid environmentalist. In the 80's he was an environmental activist, but it was not until 2009 that he really began to photograph the climate challenges in the world. Especially when those who are first and foremost affected by drought, extreme weather and floods. He admits to Ny Tid that he is still an activist: 

"I'm an activist in the sense that I don't take pictures if it's not important in a political context." 

"The new exhibition at the Nobel Peace Center and The blind eye is about something that I think is important and that must emerge. But I have no activism around it, ”he continues. 

The Maldives may soon be inundated

The photographs Eraker exhibits have as much relevance today as when they were first shown in 2013, according to himself: 

“The exhibition seeks to bring out those who first suffer from climate change. It is just as relevant today, with all the floods and droughts. The point is that [climate change] is not theory; it is already underway, and scientists say it is being amplified. Here, there are specific people who suffer and who will suffer more and more – whether it is the Maldives that can be flooded, or Chad that gets even hotter and too dry to live there. ”

"I don't take pictures if it's not important in a political context."
- Rune Eraker

In the mention of Man and Earth. Light and Shadows og The blind eye writes the Preus Museum that today's museums are encouraged to be visible actors in the public debate, and that these two exhibitions are set up on the basis of this:

"Both exhibits testify that climate change does not justify and make it clear that we all share a global responsibility to protect vulnerable nature and vulnerable groups." 

Rune Eraker is currently also present with a large exhibition
at the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo. 

Kaisa Ytterhaug
Kaisa Ytterhaug
Ytterhaug is a freelancer in Ny Tid.

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