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About the devil and all his being

East West Reflections on Demonization: North Korea now, China next?
Forfatter: Geir Helgesen , Rachel Harrison
Forlag: NIAS Press (Danmark)
EAST ASIA / North Korea has been subjected to persistent blackening to the extent that the slightest attempt to nuance the image is immediately shot down. Is this a book that will provoke the press, political influencers and researchers?

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

Director Geir Helgesen at the Nordic Institute for Asian Studies (NIAS), together with Professor Rachel Harrison from SOAS, University of London, has invited a number of particularly competent contributors to look at the phenomenon of "demonization" in the book. East-West Reflections on Demonization. This is happening not least in light of the press and heads of state's treatment of the now – incredible – 70-year-long conflict on the Korean Peninsula and the tension in East Asia.

I first became aware of NIAS when NRK one morning interviewed Helgesen. He stood out with a more nuanced consideration than the wide black brush I had come to expect about the closed North Korea and the history of war on the peninsula. When I eagerly turned on the news broadcast later that day, Helgesen was weeded out. Now the well-known commentary was in place and repeated stories about the strange and dangerous North Korea with its nuclear missiles, violence against its own population, brother-murderer dictator, stupefying propaganda and self-inflicted hunger…

As I write this section, I imagine the reader's reaction that I, as a critic, am a brainwashed, contradictory procommunist who wants to applaud everything that comes. . .

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