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What makes a written essay just an essay is how it is subjective, reflective, debating, trying associatively or dissociatively – but first and foremost how the essay is rebellious heretical. If most of this is absent, you simply have a text in your hand – not an essay.

Sigurd Tenningen's The triumph of vegetation is total and Mazdak Shafieians The ancient material In his newly published books, a number of essayists deal with themselves. Several of Ignition's texts have previously been published in the journal Vagant, and have partly been taught in conversations with his friend Shafieian. His The triumph of vegetation is total starts almost with the claim that "art is the place where man becomes visible as nature". And if you look more closely that we might someday approach a state of nature
- one can sense that the human cycle as learned academics may not be more than our temporary residence, with human auditoriums, theaters and libraries. There is also something liberating in Tenningen's reference to Jan Kjærstad's aversion to "psychological causal relationships and the 'primacy of emotions' in fiction" – his discomfort with psychologisations, such as the family's lack of care behind Breivik's actions, or our focus on everyone's infinity. . .

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