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The term Third Culture Kids was launched in the 1950 century by American scientists John and Ruth Useem about the children of Americans who lived abroad and who created a new cultural group in the country they moved to. Third Culture Kids is the book about today's Norway, where children of the first generation immigrants, the "71s" or "the foreign workers", talk about their experiences with the third culture – which arises outside the parents' culture and in the encounter with the Norwegian culture.

Since my parents were born and raised in Turkey and I in Norway, I can choose my identity myself. I have chosen to identify myself as Norwegian, although I do not feel completely Norwegian or completely Turkish – the third culture that emerges makes me a third culture child, like the other young people in this book.

Root children

Third Culture Kids tells stories from the upbringing of the various contributors in Norway and recalls a summarized diary of private childhood images. It is personal, recognizable, courageous, honest and touching reading. This is a manifestation of identity and community that answers all the prejudices of our elongated country. I see and read about a group of people representing the present and the future.

I wish this book had come out when I was 20 years old, in the middle of the identity crisis and desperately needed a definition of who I am. . .

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