Inside the "white power" of the United States

Journalist Vegard Tenold Aase (40) lives in New York and has been traveling around the US since 2010. The book opens on the day of the US presidential election in 2016. Then extremist Matthew Heimbach sends an email to the author: "Wisconsin goes to Trump! Everything you love must burn. LOL. "

To get inside the right-wing extremist groups, the author has been with them for nine years, sometimes endangering their own lives.

In 2010, he receives an email from a man calling himself Duke Schneider, a member of the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement. The movement seems to be small and consists mostly of older, screaming gentlemen who do not realize that they are fighting for a lost cause.

Should one laugh or cry when one reads that Nazis in the United States do not understand that they are hated?


August 12, 2017: Thousands of protesters march against racism in the city of Charlottesville. . .

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