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Orgastic potency

I am now thinking of setting a preliminary point for this column with a theme quite close to Wilhelm Reich himself: his notion of orgastic potency.

A fairly common misconception of Reich is that he was a crazy sex guru who thought sex and orgasms were more important than anything else in life. In the 1930 century, when Reich lived in Oslo, these kinds of performances were also widespread. More conservative psychologists and medics, with Harald Schjelderup in the lead, called Reich's thinking for sexualism, and believed that Reich laid too much emphasis on the role of sexuality in the development of neuroses. Ola Raknes tried in vain to clear up the misconceptions that lay in the term sexualism, but to little avail. The prejudices against Reich tell a great deal about the society we live in and about the conditions of sexuality in this society – the time now.

Inflamed. Now it is in itself true that Reich put sexuality in a special position among biological functions, but he still believed that sexuality was as prosaic as other necessary life functions, such as eating or going to the bathroom. When sexuality works properly, it's not necessary to make so much out of it either,. . .

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Næss is a doctor and philosopher. Regular commentator in Ny Tid.

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